Clinical Supervision

Dr Mark Craigie is an approved supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. He can provide individual or group professional supervision for qualified mental health practitioners to assist with individual or group-based practice. A special area of interest is mindfulness and metacognitive approaches for clinical problems. The current plan is to start an MBCT monthly supervision group in mid-2016, depending on the level of interest. Cost per person would probably be about $132 each (incl GST) for committing to the first two group sessions, $66 (incl GST) per session thereafter. Group size would be at least 3 people, maximum of 5. Venue and venue costs to be determined. The aim of MBCT supervision would be for participants to cover key practices of MBCT by practicing delivery to the group with feedback, and discuss process issues with a view to cultivating teaching skills in the areas of didactic presentations, leading practices, inquiry and group process. Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI TAC) could be used as training and supervision framework if all parties agreed.

If you are interested, then please contact Mark for further discussion. Places are limited and it would be necessary to provide a CV of your professional experience, as well as experience with mindfulness/MBCT. This opportunity is only available to suitably qualified and experienced health professionals with an existing mindfulness practice. Mark reserves the right to decline expressions of interest to attend the group if he deems you are currently not suitably qualified or experienced.