Information for Referrers

Referring through Medicare

I accept referrals for adults experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, stress, adjustment problems, or related conditions. Please visit my Individual Therapy  page for a comprehensive list of the problem areas I specialise in. Also please read the note at the bottom of this page.

The majority of referrals I receive are from psychiatrists or GPs via a Mental Health Care Plan (GP-MHCP). A GP-MHCP is valid for 24 months. Clients are also able to self-refer if they do not wish to use the Medicare system.

Clients are able to access a Clinical Psychologist for 10 sessions per calendar year. A MHCP review is optional after 6 sessions, however if a GP provides a cover letter asking for 10 sessions within a calendar year, then the Psychologist is obliged to give the GP written update reports (after 6th and 10th sessions) but a visit back to the GP after 6th is optional if the cover letter clearly requests 10 sessions.

To assist with accessing my service, I encourage doctors to consider the suggested sample Cover Letter/Referral Letters on this page. It is useful to create a customised template based on these sample documents for your own future use. For Medicare claim purposes, it is a requirement that a valid doctor referral letter and copy of the GP mental health plan be supplied to the treating psychologist prior to commencing consultations under a mental health plan.

Sample Document Downloads:

Sample GP Mental Health Plan

Sample Referral Letter

Sample Continue Letter

Further Referral Information

Note: I do not accept referrals for clients where the major presenting issue is addiction / substance abuse, psychosis, indication of inpatient admission, eating disorder, domestic/family violence, or child-custody legal disputes. It is recommended that clients with these types of presenting problems be referred to a health service or practitioner that specialises in assessment and treatment of these issues. I can provide advice on potentially appropriate practitioners/services.